Loosen the Grip

Most beginners grip the club like they could strangle it, swing hard and hope for the best.  The best golfers know that a loose grip, as light as you would hold a bird, is the secret to long, straight ball flight, and control. Loosening the grip is a great lesson for capturing joy and purposeContinue reading “Loosen the Grip”

Money, Money, Money

Money has the potential to do great good and great harm in our lives.  With the right mindset and tools we can reduce the hold money has on so many of us. The struggle with money affects us all: 47% of the world’s population lives in poverty, defined as living on less than $6.85/day1 ,Continue reading “Money, Money, Money”

Joy vs Happiness

Happiness and joy are two different things.  Happiness depends on happenings, the events and circumstances in our lives, and is fleeting.  One thing we all learn is that no one can be truly happy all the time, as none of us are immune to bad or sad things in our lives.  What we can learnContinue reading “Joy vs Happiness”


It is easy to make things complicated and very hard to make things simple.   I have seen a direct correlation in my life between success and simplicity. The most successful businesses I have worked with know their purpose and simplify their offer and create clear messages to consumers, while many have failed trying toContinue reading “Simplify”

Staying Calm Under Pressure

I believe we all have a super-power.  Some people are great at empathy, shooting a basketball, data analysis or listening. My super-power is staying calm under pressure.  The secret is perspective, and a few tools like breathing – and I want to take you deeper into it.  I first recognized this as a strength whileContinue reading “Staying Calm Under Pressure”

How I Pray

75% of Americans pray at least one per month, and I am one of the 55% of people in the US who pray every day1. One of my favorite things about my protestant Christian faith is that one of its founding tenants was the ability to pray directly to God, in my language of choice. Continue reading “How I Pray”

Start With Why

I have had success accelerating growth of businesses by focusing on their greater why.   I have seen start-up and mature businesses get focused solely on their functional benefits (cheaper, faster, better) to drive growth.  In my experience companies can be infused with greater energy, seek new horizons, enter new markets and add tremendous value whenContinue reading “Start With Why”

Operating on 2 Planes

As a young leader I used 100% of my energy to do my job – I was leading others, being held accountable for cost and quality measures, and learning quickly.  What I came to realize was that a whole other plane of life exists in the workplace – one of coaching, camaraderie, fun, insight andContinue reading “Operating on 2 Planes”