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I'm Dave. Here are some lessons I've learned in life and business.

Multi-Million Dollar Brands Podcast - How to Lead Well

Million Dollar Brand podcast with Dave Keil on Leading Well

Modrn Business Podcast, Dave Keil and John Rotche

Navigating Obstacles, with Springboard Influencer

Lessons on Purpose with InForum

Bridging the Resource Gap

The One Thing

How to focus on your One Thing


Lessons on Endurance

Leading Through the Unknown

Lessons on leading purposefully through the COVID-19 pandemic

Leading Change

How to lead teams though significant change

What I learned being fun-employed

Insights on how to turn unemployment into finding your purpose

How to Document Your Goals

Goals in your head are intentions, they only become a goal when documented, tangible and shared with others.

Running Meetings 101

Meeting rule book

Key Point Communication

Simple trick for improving your communication

Know your DNA

Define the Principles in your life that never change


Serve: to give back and learn

Emails are Forever

3 Tips for your safety

Punchlist vs eMail

Start your day with setting priorities, not reading email.