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Know your DNA

Dave Keil

Know your DNA

Define the Principles in your life that never change

Defining the unchanging principles in your life is critically important to happiness and significance in your career and life. Much like DNA, the molecule that defines the identity of every living being, you have your own set of principles that define the choices you make and how you invest your time and talents.

Early in my career, I behaved one way at work – on a manufacturing shop floor - and another way at church, another way at home. A very inauthentic way to go through life – as I had no true compass guiding my authentic self.  Was I a foul-mouthed shop floor supervisor, a devout Bible school student, or newly married young adult?  What I needed, and soon developed, was a clear set of principles that defined me. Not goals, or personality traits – but principles that make up the DNA of who I truly am.

Mine are listed below:

·      Honest        

·      Kind

·      Courageous

·      Generous

·      Respect others

·      Seek knowledge

·      Trusting

·      Forgiving

·      Loyal

·      Integrity

·      Fun-loving

·      Positive

·      Unselfish

·      Make no excuses


What  principles in your life are core to your being?