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Being One Person

Being One Person I remember catching myself berating someone 20 years my senior, using bad language and raising my voice because they wouldn’t properly sweep up a pile of potato chips.   That is when I realized that I was living a duplicitous life – being one person in one setting and another in a differentContinue reading “Being One Person”

Approval Addiction

Approval Addiction I have an approval addiction.  I was raised to never be satisfied and to measure my accomplishments versus others.  I love to compete and wired as a Type A, ENTJ (Myers-Briggs) and Enneagram 3/8. While this competitive spirit is a useful tool in business and sport, the danger is falling into the trapContinue reading “Approval Addiction”

Exit Well

Exiting an Employee There is a right (and wrong) way to exit an employee from a business.  I have personally experienced leaving a company well, with a heartfelt gathering of co-workers saying farewell, telling stories and celebrating my contributions; I have also left a company over a weekend and had my office contents shipped toContinue reading “Exit Well”

Negotiation 101

Negotiation 101 I have negotiated approximately 50 deals in my business career – mergers, acquisitions, exits, license agreements, LLC formations, new market entries and new company launches – in China, Russia, Australia, Brazil, England, Germany, Japan and the US. My first big deal was bringing Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs into a shared distribution networkContinue reading “Negotiation 101”

Leading Through Uncertainty

Life Lesson – Leading During Uncertain Times I lead a team of 40, coach eight CEO’s who lead retail service brands, and I have been speaking with hundreds of small business owners through the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. This article shares actions I have taken as a leader during times of great uncertainty. Be aContinue reading “Leading Through Uncertainty”

Leading Change

Leading Change – how to lead teams though significant change I have led large teams though significant change – from leading the integration of two $5 billion companies, to getting competitors Ben & Jerrys and Haagen-Dazs ice cream to combine operations.   It’s hard to lead change, because when people say they fear change, whatContinue reading “Leading Change”

What I learned being Fun-employed

What I learned being fun-employed After 30 years of working with no more than 2 weeks off at a time, I spent 6 months unemployed.  The sabbatical – filled with networking, reading, writing, praying, organizing, exercising, traveling and spending time with family – was life-changing, transforming this period into fun-employment, an early peak at retirement,Continue reading “What I learned being Fun-employed”

Document Goals

Document Goals Goals work well when documented, and best when shared with others.   Every September, as the new school year was beginning, the family gathered at the kitchen table for a formal meeting – with an agenda, a scribe, and the children complaining.  The purpose? –setting goals for the year for my wife and me,Continue reading “Document Goals”

Running Meetings 101

Meeting Rule Book Meeting are one of the most prevalent activities in today’s organizations; American workers attend 35-50 million meetings each day, some 3 per manager per day, over 5 per day for executives and about 1 per days for everyone else.  They are also among the most maligned and despised activities, in large partContinue reading “Running Meetings 101”

Know Your DNA

Know your DNA – principles in your life that never change Defining the unchanging principles in your life is critically important to happiness and significance in your career and life. Much like DNA, the molecule that defines the identity of every living being, you have your own set of principles that define the choices youContinue reading “Know Your DNA”


Serve – give back + learn Service to a non-profit organization is an excellent way to give back to the community, make an impact and develop skills. What a great match. Non-profit boards are hungry for talent, and young leaders are often looking for ways to both serve and develop new skills.   How to doContinue reading “Serve”

eMails are Forever

Email is forever; three tips for your safety eMails last forever. Just because you press delete, clear your sent message or empty your trash bin on your computer, does not mean that your email is gone.  Most companies, certainly every large firm, saves emails for years – depending on their document retention policies. 5 yearContinue reading “eMails are Forever”

Punchlist vs Email

Punchlist vs eMail – start your day with setting priorities, not reading email Many of us begin our day at our workspace or mobile device by checking email.  Makes sense for a number of reasons – often you are awaiting feedback on previous communication, engaging on a project or getting direction from a superior.  TheContinue reading “Punchlist vs Email”

Key Point Communication

Key Point Communication – make it clear and crisp Purpose: The purpose of this communication is to share a simple trick to ensuring email communication is very clear and crisp Action Required: Read below and begin using this simple technique Background:  The average corporate worker receives more than 122 emails daily*, 2/3 of which theyContinue reading “Key Point Communication”

Leading Through COVID

LESSONS ON LEADING PURPOSEFULLY THROUGH THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC I lead a team of 40, coach eight CEO’s who lead retail service brands, and I have been speaking with hundreds of small business owners through the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. This article shares actions I have taken as a leader during times of great uncertainty. 1)     BeContinue reading “Leading Through COVID”

The One Thing

Focus and prioritization help me lead and live on purpose.  The word priority has been around since 1350 and means one thing that is most important.  Around 1940, Americans started believing that more than one thing could be a priority, and the word priorities came into our vernacular. A life on purpose is best centered on ONE thing, one priority, from which actionsContinue reading “The One Thing”


As a young business leader, I operated as if speed was the key to success; with age and experience I now believe endurance and excellence in execution are more important than speed.  While speed can give a company first-mover advantage in a new market or with a new product, real value creation, in business and in ourContinue reading “Endurance”

Driving Contract

Create a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement that puts your rules in writing to clearly set expectations and limitations.