Key Point Communication

Key Point Communication – make it clear and crisp

Purpose: The purpose of this communication is to share a simple trick to ensuring email communication is very clear and crisp

Action Required: Read below and begin using this simple technique


The average corporate worker receives more than 122 emails daily*, 2/3 of which they don’t need to read. Combined with personal emails, we send 205 billion emails daily.  I have often found that even on emails that require and action, I have to read through multiple lines of text, and required action is typically muddy.  When leading multi-functional project teams, or communicating to large groups of people, I have found the simple technique, modeled above, to work quite well.  If team members would utilize this tool – image the productivity savings, and clarity of communication on actions required to achieve an outcome. 

How it works: 

  1. Email subject line: the first trick is to capture the purpose of your key point communication in your email address line.  Also include: ‘Action required’ in the subject line, for added clarity. Eg,: ‘Quarterly forecast due tomorrow; Action Required’
  2. Purpose: start the email off defining the purpose of the communication, making your intention clear. Is this communication information only, or is something required from the recipients?  This line should be no longer than two lines if an email, one is best.
  3. Action required: this clarity is what is missing from most email communications.  Be clear about what is required, by whom and when.  I have had the opportunity to lead large organizations through several month projects – and often the challenge is ensuring clarity n what actions are next on deck. I have had many people thank me for the clarity provided by communications using this format.  It becomes even more powerful when an entire team uses the tool.


To: Sales Leaders

Re: Quarterly forecast due tomorrow; Action Required


Purpose:  Remind sales leaders of forecast timing

Action required:   Submit your quarterly sales, in $US, by 5pm on Tuesday

Background:       As shared on our last call, sales forecasts help us ensure inventory and on time   deliveries.  Please contact your regional manager, or me with questions @ ___

  • The Radicati Group, Inc. Email statistics report, 2015-2019.